Men's Roller Derby

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Team history

After being fans of the Mendo Mayhem watching spouses, girlfriends, and sisters play roller derby a few men thought it would be fun to try it themselves. A small black and white, 20 min scrimmage during a special triple header at Skate City on Halloween 2010 instantly turned these derby widows into more than fans but derby addicts. Soon the guys started appearing more and more at the women's practices. A few more men's exhibition scrimmages were too much fun to stop at just that. The idea came up to start a mens team in Ukiah CA....
The brain/love child of ChemTrail #76, became a reality in March 2011 with the first mens practice at Skate City. With the help of Mendo Mayhem and women skaters like Chica Boom, Full Metal Jackie, and JC's Cassus Clay the Deep Valley Belligerents were born.
Over A year later DVB is a legit men's league with goals of national competition. Not just in Ukiah but all the way up the 101 coast from Mendo to Southern Oregon is where the Belligerents reign pulling thier leaque members from smaller cities and women's leagues to make them THE coastal team in Northern California.

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